Hello, my name is Betsy Jorgenson. Welcome to my site about ENT specialists. When I had my son, I was surprised to see how many ear infections he developed in the first five years of life. After he started having ear infections on a regular basis, his doctor referred him to an ear, nose and throat, or ENT, specialist. This specialty doctor helped him overcome the infections by draining the ears using specially designed tubes. On this site, I will talk about all the different care techniques used by ENT doctors. Please feel free to use the info on my site to familiarize yourself with the services offered by this type of practitioner.

4 Unexpected Signs That You Have Allergies

23 June 2017
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When people think about having allergies, thoughts tend to leap to sniffling, sneezing, and hives or skin rashes. However, these aren't the only symptoms of allergies, and you could have allergies without even knowing it. If you have one of these symptoms on a regular basis, it could mean that you have undiagnosed allergies. Headaches Headaches quite commonly occur alongside other allergy symptoms, like sneezing, but they can also happen on their own. Read More …